Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear [Chris]...

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...what the fuck kind of interview was that? Some of the shit you said was just dumb. I can understand you not wanting to get into DETAILS of the assualt, but you aint say nothing we havent ALREADY heard. To say you dont REMEMBER what happened was just stupid. To not have any recollection of what killed your career, made you lose endorsements and plenty of money -- as well as fans and respect -- really sucks huh. *Rolls Eyes*

.....And that BOWTIE killed me softly.

Keep'n It Real, Harlem Missez


Anonymous said...

i didnt even watch the interview. im kind over the whole Chrihanna thing rt about now. @ first i was bad mouthing Chris, i understand everyone makes mistakes & should be forgiving. maybe he shouldnt have even done this Larry King interview. i think he shouldve just stopped after the apology video.

мiмi =) said...

girl i wrote a post about it while me and bryan watched it. all it was, was shit we already knew. i respect him for not running his mouth, and whatnot, but to me, i felt, like damn chris, if you wasnt finna say shit, why get on the damn show, cause the only reason why america is finna tune in is to see if you say some shit that we didnt know about. point blank period.

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