Thursday, September 3, 2009

VIDEO: Damn Maia Campbell

Y'all remember Maia Campbell right? Tiffany from "In The House" with LL Cool J. Check out this video of her. She's all fucked up. Word is, now she's a prostitute and heavily on drugs. She also has been rumored to have a mental illness.

Peep in the video..She says "I lost my momma, and I'm lookin' for my daughter". She goes on to say "I'm in the streets" and at the end says "Imma get beat up now, but ya'll alright" when her pimp (I assume) comes in the car after running her mouth.

Damn! I feel bad for her.


khaki said...

damn, this seems to be a trending topic. I have to wait to get home to view the video but I heard she looks bad. Po thang.

Shadé said...

Wow... no words

мiмi =) said...

girl she just went down hill they it all started after her mother had died. girl. that shit is ridiculous.

MISS BEE said...

i blogged about her as well. so sad what has happened to her. the ppl around her need to get exploiting her & help her get her life together.

rayqueenbee said...

it's so sad!

Jeri Holloway said...

that's crazy I can't believe that's Tiffany...............very entertaining blog

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