Monday, August 31, 2009

VIDEO: Drunk Or On That Stuff?

I never saw this video until today...it was posted from like march of this year. Anyways, I aint know ya girl Nivea acted like this.

She was buggggggggin the fuck out. You gotta watch the whole thing, she gets a special call at the end.

DEAD @ 5:30 (She really started acting a fool)


мiмi =) said...

wow. damn nivea, a year later twins? so check it she got 3 baby daddies? she drunk as a skunk. i mean damn, a little respect for yourself? i mean its funny as hell, but i aint gonna act no damn fool and have my ex husband lovin it, and my baby daddy thinkin maybe she dont need to be around the baby lol. i miss the old nivea, you know black hair nivea. i mean if she just acting like that for fun, then i guess, but damn nivea really? the running man? sit yo drunk ass down! lol. wayne, get her some help. but i wont lie, i will download her cd, download. keyword. hot ass mess.

MISS BEE said...

i saw this interview before on another blog site. someone even suggested that she was high. smh idk

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