Monday, August 31, 2009

Why You Mad Tho?

*Girl: Why you treatin me like this? I gave up everything for you and you treat me like you dont give a fuck.

*Guy: Girl, you knew what I was about when you started dealing with me. Why you killin my ears now? Besides I was dealin with someone when I met you and you KNEW it.

*Girl: Yea, but the way you swept me off my feet made me forget all about that and you told me you would always be there for me.

Guy: I care about you and all, but c'mon I hate when you bring this shit up. You dont seem to mind when I take ya ass shopping.

Giri: So, what chick dont like to shop? That aint the point, I --

Guy: But it is the point, you was wrapped around the money and still are, dont front. Now, you have all these feelings and I gotta hear this bullshit.

Moral: If he was a cheatin, conniving bastard when you MET him, what makes YOU think that's gonna change? I dont feel sorry for bitches that deal with niggas they knew were no good, then as soon as you catch all kinds of feelings, you wanna flip it and convince him to wife you, thinkin you can CHANGE a nigga. Just cause a nigga is spittin game and keepin you laced, dont mean he want you in his face.
EDIT: Not siding with anyone, just keepin it real. Sometimes its hard to tell what someone's TRUE intentions are but if there are signs from here to Timbukto warning you he's no good, why subject yaself to that? Even if the nigga is hittin you off, please...do BAD by yaself.

Sorry for the over-usage of the word "nigga"................well, not really.
Opinions? I'm all ears eyes.

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мiмi =) said...

i feel you. some females think that they can change a nigga in an instant, if he was like that before you,pretty sure he gonna be like that with you and damn sure gonna be like that after you. true shit.

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