Friday, November 13, 2009

White Chick To Chris Brown "Beater, You Belong In Jail Pussy"

Watch the whole video!


rayqueenbee said...

He did what he did and it's over and done... get over it now, he aint the first and he sure won't be the last... let the dude move on and live with his mistakes... gosh...she is so friggin annoying me cause she taking is pics on top of it. Chris hold ur head up, u still poppin on them songs.

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Man, that's why females get hit!! Poppin off at the mouth!! lol...now its never ok for domestic violence on EITHER side, but come on let Chris move on. He's young and i'm sure has learned his lesson. I'm still a fan...


Niku said...

i could care less about this Chris and Rihanna battle. I'm tired of both of them. But why is it relevant that a white chick said it? Her opinion isn't any more valuable than Shanay-nay's from the hood, lol. Oooh girl, I'm all up on your blog today, lol.

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