Friday, November 13, 2009

I Wonder What Alicia Keys Is So Free Of

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Here's her OFFICIAL album cover for The Element Of Freedom. Freedom of what though, Ms. Keys?

Freedom to be with Swizzy now that his wife knows about you two...perhaps?


rayqueenbee said...

I same the same thing too...cause what da hell could she be free of!!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

LOL took the words right out my mouth!!! She is triflin. I use to respect her, that's ALL GONE now.


tipsgul09 said...

I still like her. It doesn't change her music. That's kind of like a double standard issue, I think. B/c she is a celebrity and we make it harder on her for that reason. But "trifling" women "steal" men from their wives everyday. I have actually been in the wife's shoes so I know how she feels, therefore I am not condoning AK's behavior, but it is an everyday thing that happens in this world. She is still a really talented girl :o)

dont.pull.my.kinks said...

I think Alicia Keys is one of the most down to earth celebrities i can think of. like tipsgul09 said it is an everyday thing. and people do have skeletons in their closet. Miss keys has always come across as a independant sensible sophizt performer, not like many other women who wear scadily clothes for attention her private life should affect her stage persona .. you go gurl!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Yall are sad! This is why our world is so jacked up. It doesn't matter if she was the best homeless singing woman on the street or average jane...The fact is, you don't mess with anyone who is married PERIOD. It goes far beyond the fact that "it happens everyday" wtf?!? is that suppose to make it ok, or less mundane?? Hell no, marriage is a covenant, not only between two people, but God as well. A person who would willingly go against that and pursue a married person just shows a lack of judgment and lack of respect for God. Not to mention what kind of message is she sending to her fans??

If we wanna talk about talent, I will say that I was surprised when I saw her live, but the crap she has out now is GARBAGE!!! So she's f-in' up on both ends for me...get it together AK.

Niku said...

Free of the public's criticism! I love her even more now for continuing to do her thing & not breaking down, despite of all the condemnation. If she is guilty of sleeping with a married man, then she's WRONG & honestly I'd be disappointed, but I don't know the entire story so I cannot judge. But as long as she keeps the music coming..because I'm tired of the shit they try to pass off as music nowadays.

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