Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Missing 5-Year Old Shaniya Davis' Body Found....Very Sad Story

I have been following this story pretty much since I found out about it and this truly breaks my heart. ABC News has reported that the missing 5-year whose mother prostituted her, Shaniya Davis, body was found in North Carolina. She was last seen alive in the arms of  29-year old Mario McNeill who was taking her to a hotel room. He was later charged with kidnapping Shaniya.

Shaniya’s mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, 25, was taken into custody on Friday (Nov. 12) and charged with human trafficking, child abuse involving prostitution and filing a false police report.

The child’s remains were located in an area bordered by Highway 87 south and Walker Road - just south of Sanford - during a second day of searching.

Davis was last seen alive at a Comfort Suites hotel in Sanford last week - the same morning her mother reported her missing from her Fayetteville home. Police say a surveillance video from the hotel showed the child with 29-year-old Mario McNeill.

The area where police found the body is about 7 miles from the hotel.

How could a mother do something like this. Shaniya's father, Bradley Lockhart, allowed Antoinette to be with her daughter because he felt she deserved a chance to see her. Davis struggled financially over the years, but she recently got a job and her own place, so Lockhart said he decided to give her a chance with their daughter.  Now he is living with the biggest regret of his life.

My prayers go out to his family.

And the sad thing is that Antoinette Davis is PREGNANT again. SMH.

UPDATE: Antoinette Davis in court.


Anonymous said...

this was not too far from where i live... its soo sadd.. all we can do is pray

rayqueenbee said...

oh my that's horrific, my prayer goes out to her. How can people be so cruel to a child.

mzjohnson2233 said...

I can't hardly believe that. It brought tears to my eyes as I read it. She should really be ashamed. She doesn't even seem remorseful.

oso ABC said...

I've been following this story too, on Nancy Grace and I think CNN. That shit is just crazy because she has four kids. She was so pretty and I don't understand if you don't want kids, why do you keep allowing yourself to get pregnant. She should get charged with conspiracy, and where are the murder charges.

Niku said...

truly heartbreaking and sickening. Poor baby. I just do not understand how someone could do that to ANY child, muchless a mother to her own little girl! This woman deserves the worst >.< I wouldn't be surprised if she sold her for drugs. Sometimes people sicken me, I swear.

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