Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyonce (Feat. Lady GaGa) "Video Phone" Official Video

There was much anticipation for the release of this video. I personally think the video was ok. Beyonce and her hencemen are slow walking for the first 45 seconds of the damn video and she had like a million different outfits. Lady GaGa did her thing with the dance moves and of course Beyonce switched and swayed like only she can.

Are you feelin it?


rayqueenbee said...

I expected more from Gaga, even tho its not her video still, I like Bey makeup but really expected more.

Thickdiva24 said...

this video is so extra and i'm not feeling the song. she did overdo it with the wardrobe

alissy said...

cant no longer see the vid maybs in uk or sumthink, but have heard the song, it alright not all dat but they are the hottest female artists right now so it makes sense to collaberate $$$$$$ ching ching..

.נazzy. ♥♥ said...

actually i like it! nice lil callabo. so go bey & gaga

Niika said...

i loved the costumes and the makeup

Gaga looked so much smaller next to B

Donielle K. said...

yea it was too much color but Lady Gaga did her thing! Beyonce' did too damn much!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Yeah i have to agree with Donielle...Gaga was super toned down but it worked because Beyonce was DOING TOO MUCH so she had to balance it out. The song and the video: MEDIOCRE!


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