Monday, September 7, 2009

Nivea x Toya

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Looks like Weezy got some cool ass baby mommas. 6 months preggo Nivea (pregnant with Weezy's baby) and Toya were pictured at a performance by the OMG girls in ATL.

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..And it looks like Toya x James are still hangin tough....cute couple!


Eurydice said...

im happy for toya...

nivea looks all types of crazy lol

RawrSavvy said...

and i respect it Toya is a real bitch for that pic

rayqueenbee said...

Happy for Toya finding new love and I respect her for being cool with Weezy new chick that's how u know she is a real chick!

Anonymous said...

that pregnancy definitely has taken its toll on Nivea. None the less I think its shows maturity from Toya that she can be friends or @ least cordial when it comes to Lil Wayne's other women. im happy that Toya has moved on & found life after Wayne.

* ! zodiac ! * said...

im mad nivea looks like that

Jasmyn said...

yes. they are cute together. hope it works out for her. i actually like toya!

dykira said...

owayyyyyyyyyy get it toya

n i think dat it iz cool that her n nivea are friendz

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