Monday, September 7, 2009

My 21 Questions

1. Why did Brandy cut her hair?
2. Why dont people from the hood win lotto?
3. Does Weezy have the MAGIC STICK?....cause he knockin too many bitches up.
4. How much longer are we gonna hear about Rihanna and Chris Brown?
5. Why did Michael Jackson have to die?
6. Why do niggas THINK they can get any chick they want?
7. Why does Pooch Hall have to married?
8. How come birds never fly into us?
9. How exactly does pee & shit get to the ocean from houses?
10. When is Christina Milian gonna admit she's fuckin pregnant?
11. How does busted ass Khloe Kourdashian pull these athlete niggas?
12. Where is Waldo?
13. Why does Tyler Perry keep making movies with the same story ending?
14. Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.
15. Who invented words?
16. Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?
17. Why do chicks with big ass foreheads always wanna put their hair in a ponytail?
18. Why do some words have silent letters?
19. Why is Karrine Staffans tryna be a role model now? Bitch, bye.
20. How do cats have 9 lives?
21. Why did I write these questions....as if you KNOW?

Feel free to ask to the list...I know you PONDER on some things!!


Melanie! said...

loveee them! lmao reminds me of Vibe's 21 Questions
good post

Juicy Carter said...

lmao. am I the only one that doesnt think khloe is busted?

Shadé said...

Why do fool fall in love??!?!

=] *sings*

rayqueenbee said...

hahaha...this was a good laugh!!!

Shel said...

becuase thats life
does that answer them all
well the why questions

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