Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toya's New Boo...A Woman Beater?

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As we saw last night on "Tiny & Toya", Toya was set up on a blind date with Buffalo Bills cutie James Hardy and the two apparently are still dating. He is definitely a gorgeous dude, but word is that he is an ALLEGED woman beater. It was reported that he beat the mother of his son. Not too sure if I believe that, BUT if he did....DAMN!
Do you think they make a cute couple?


☆Reese✮ said...

They do make a gorgeous couple!
I was reading that story on necole bitchie's site and she posted a letter he wrote stating why he was being accused of being a woman beater. It was something she accused him of that he didn't do, and he only plead guilty because he was young & just starting with his career. I believe it's been taking off his record or something, the baby mama came forward and said he never did it.
Sorry..didn't mean to go in lol!

Here.She.Is said...

his hand position makes him look like hes saying 'shes mine' while she looks coy on his lap. maybe reading too much into the pict, but dont look like a comfortable photo

Anonymous said...

i definitely think they make a cute couple. toya definitely upgraded from lil wayne.

tipsgul09 said...

I think they make a good couple. He seems like he will have her best interests at hand from how the first date went. They seem like they had a lot in common. Plus they look cute together.

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