Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top 5 Pet Peeves

5. When I'm on line about to purchase something and the person ahead at the register is askin mad fuckin questions. Come the fuck on!

4. As a person who takes public transportation, it irks the shit outta me when somebody squeezes they ass right next to me for the seat, especially when there are other seats available.

3. I cant stand when chicks pop they gum like they aint got no damn sense. Super annoying.

2. I hate when I'm shopping and I see something being displayed but then when I ask for it, the store aint got it. Why the fuck is it being showcased then?

1. And of course, my #1 pet peeve is when people STARE at me. I especially hate when you feel them staring, you look at them...they turn their head for a second, you look away again...and they PROCEED to stare. WTF?



iJam-All said...

omfg i went to footlocker the other day and they had some dopee blazers in the window ,

nd i asked them to get me some size 9's nd they said they dnt have those shoes !

i was rippped !

check out my blog if you have a chance ,


D.V. said...

lol i get tbe staring thing but its probably routine with you.

1.blatantly unoriginal people
2. people that act diff when around other people or a certain person
3. certain people that wanna push ya buttons just to get a rise outta you
4. people who stink..like damn use some effin deodorant
5. when im walking and the person who happens to be in front of me suddenly stops walking and end up blockin my way...hate that isht

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