Friday, July 31, 2009

What A Day

Home from an EXTRA long day. It all started yesterday when I went to work from 7-3pm, then from work, I trailed to Brooklyn in the damn pouring rain to get my nieces from my sister's house. Not 1, not 2, not 3...but 5! Yes, I went and got my 5 nieces because I promised them that they could spend the night at my house. Already tired from working the 8 hours, I just shrugged it off because as much as I was tired, I love being with my babies =]

So, I finally get to my sister's house...drenched, and the girls are ready to go. I relax for about 20 mins, then make my way back home with the girls. We get to the house and of course they're energetic and wanting to eat everything in sight. I had to go back in the pouring rain to get more fuckin groceries. Anyways, we had fun though....I painted their nails and watched movies with them. They ended up going to sleep at like midnight.

Today, I was runnin around like fuckin crazy. I had to go to my job and get my paycheck because I was off. Had to bring all 5 with me...then from there I went to my other sister's house -- whose 9 months pregnant and about to drop any day. By the afternoon, my nieces had officially drove me CRAZY. I give my sister mad props cause I couldnt deal with that shit everyday. But I love them, their my loves. It was just a busy day. I had to take a cab home because I stayed at my sis house to watch the premiere of "The Housewives of Atlanta" second season, which came on at 10pm (I couldnt miss that). I was too tired to bother with the trains.

I'm pooped!!!!

(starting from top, going clockwise....CHYNA, BRIANA, KHANIYA, MAKAYLA, SHANAYA)

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