Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ms. Amber Rose

I was browsing the net and came across this chick, Amber Rose...yet AGAIN! She is the girlfriend of Kanye West (i'm sure you all know that). Anyways, I see that a LOT of people hate on this chick because they feel she's "important" for no fuckin reason.

Personally, I think she's doin her thing. She's got a successful ass nigga on her arm, she's got style for days, she's cute with a nice body AND she rocks that baldie better than anybody I know. Dont hate on her because she's doin her.

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Shy said...

ain't it true
for one, i love Amber Rose
She's a bad ass breezy doing it for herself, && like Kat said, if you aint got haters then you aint doing shit!

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