Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

So, the phone I'm rockin with now is the white-edition G1 and have been for about 4 months. The phone itself is good...the market on it -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I also love the 3G internet and the camera is kool too, but the BATTERY fuckin SUCKZ! I usually charge my battery all night, so you would think I would have enough damn juice to last me the whole day...hell nah. The battery goes dead mid-day and the shit is tickin me OFF.

Granted all phones die at one point in time, but you would think with a phone that has as many apps and good shit that it does, the battery would be on point. I'm gonna keep rockin wit it tho for now, just gotta remember to keep the CHARGER at all times.


☆Reese✮ said...

Damn, I've really been eyeing this phone, but short battery life? Ugh!

HarlemMissez said...

yea its not good...but i guess it depends on what u do with it

Pre. said...

Gurl, I have the same issue w/ my brand new sklx09. Sucks that the yummy phones that t-mobile actually have, have terrible battery life.

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