Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soulja Boy Is A DumbA**, Kat Stacks......Really? + His Album Gets Pushed Back

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The internet went nuts last night when this video was posted on WorldStarHipHop.com of Kat Stacks at the InterContinental Hotel in Atlanta with Soulja Boy. Kat Stacks knows exactly what the hell she's doing and he fell right into her trap.....like a puppet. He may be 20-years old but I thought he at least had more sense than this. I know Kat is an easy f*ck but damn Soulja. And she exposes that he "snorts coke" AND that he can't f*ck. Damn, damn, damn!! Rat Stacks will do just about anything to keep her name is somebody's mouth.

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy latest album, The DeAndre Way has been pushed back. The original release date was October 5 and now it will be coming out a month later on November 2. Hmmm.

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