Thursday, August 12, 2010

Actress Jennifer Freeman's Husband Doesn't Want Divorce After Attack

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Can these celebrity couples get anything right nowadays?? I mean damn. If they're not out cheating like there's no tomorrow...they're using each other as punching bags.

"My Wife and Kids" actress Jennifer Freeman and former Indiana Pacers guard Earl Watson have decided to work things out after the couple filed for divorce just last week. Watson was set on divorcing his crazy wife after she went postal on him back on August 1. He apparently has had a change of heart.

According to the legal documents, the couple had a fight over a suspicious text message that led to Jennifer physically grabbing her husband’s wrist, biting his hand and his chest, and then trying to hit him with an iron. 

Jennifer had received a text message at 11PM and her husband Earl decided to check her phone. Watson’s wife was reportedly furious that he took the phone and reacted by hitting him “forcefully twice in the face with her right open hand.” 

Watson said Jennifer then “grabbed my right wrist and bit … breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks and drawing blood.” Once she let go of the wrist, Watson claims she then chomped down on his chest … again drawing blood.

Earl said Jennifer then tried to hit him with an iron but he was able to knock it out of her hand.

“The two have reconciled their differences and plan to make their marriage work,” Watson’s lawyer told TMZ in a statement.

The couple married in May 2009 and have a 10-month old daughter.


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