Monday, June 21, 2010

My Latest Graphic Design + Retouches

It's been a looong time since I posted some of my graphic work on my website. I branched more into the entertainment side of things on my site, and held off posting them.....but guess what, it's my damn blog and I do want I damn well please ;) Hope you like!!

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This Nicki Minaj design I did one night when I was bored in the crib. What I like about her pictures is that it's always full of color and animated....that's why I post her pics a lot and decided to do this design.

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I saw this Meagan Good pic on a website and loved how plain it was. So I decided to jazzy it up. I added some yellow eyeshadow, blue eye liner, eyelashed, brightened her eyes, changed her lip color, added a nose ring and brightened the picture.

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I had this Beyonce pic in my stock folder on my pc and decided to retouch this as well. The picture didn't need much done so I just made her hair pop more, added concealer around her eyebrows, added yellow eyeshadow, ligtened her eyes, smoothed the skin and brightened the picture.


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