Monday, June 21, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives Wil' Out + Gloria Explains Why She Was A No Show

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I strongly believe this was some STAGED ass sh*t, but either way, in case you missed it, watch these "grown woman" act foolish. They took that whole water thing and ran with it on Basketball Wives. After the vid, no show at the reunion, Gloria Govan, clears up why she didn't attend.

All the craziness after the jump!

Why didn’t you attend the Basketball Wives reunion?
It just wasn’t something that was conducive to our schedules. You know, Matt was in the playoffs and I wasn’t going to fly across the country to hang out with people I’m not particularly proud of probably being associated with. I told producers that if they moved it to Orlando or Miami I would be more than happy to be there. I’m sure without me being there, there wasn’t anybody to pick on.

It wasn’t scary that you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself against whatever they said about you at the reunion?
Not necessarily. I think people are going to make up their minds regardless if I was there or not. I think being there would have opened up the flood ates to allow people to nitpick at what I have going on and ask me more detailed questions that I’m not willing to answer. I know people are going to talk about me whether I’m there or not. Had I liked to defend myself? Yeah, probably, but it probably would’ve gotten ugly. Not physical, but definitely ugly.
What would you say to somebody that said you were being cowardly by avoiding the show?
I would laugh. I just kind of that’s funny. I’m definitely by no means scared of any of these girls. If the reunion were held closer to me, especially while Matt was in the playoffs, I probably would’ve attended, but going across country and missing one of Matt’s games…it wasn’t that important to me.

Are you on good terms with anybody at this point?
Surprisingly, I’m on good terms with Suzie. Suzie and I have BBMed each other throughout the series. A lot of the stuff that was said or portrayed on the show, we’ve actually apologized to each other about. There have been some times when Suzie has BBMed me and been down in the dumps about some of the episodes she was worried about. I tried to encourage her and just let her know that this is a small chapter in our lives and we shouldn’t allow it to make us sleep-deprived or anxious.

You avoided the reunion, but what is it going to be like when you run into these people?
Given Matt’s career and where their men are I don’t think we’ll cross paths just because I haven’t crossed paths with these women before. But maybe there [will be] a day when we are all in the same state. You know we might be at some event, but again, it’ll just be a, “Hey,” but nothing more. It won’t be a hug or a kiss. It’ll just be an acknowledgment and that’s it. I won’t go out of my way but I will keep it cordial and respectful. It’s just too much energy to be all negative and nasty.

Is there anything else outstanding that you feel like you have to clear up?
I’m not interested in doing Season 2. If you do see me on Season 2, it will be for the wedding which is max one or two episodes, but other than that, that’s kind of it. I wish these women all the best of luck. I’ve used the show for what it’s used me for and I’m done. Not to say I’m the star of the show, but could you imagine the show without me? Everyone would just be crying the whole time.


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