Monday, May 10, 2010

You Be The Judge, Does Alicia Keys Look Pregnant?

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 News has been spreading like wildfires that Alicia Keys and boo Swizz Beatz are expecting. This pic was taken during a performance in the Netherlands on the 8th and while her stomach does look like its popping out, could it be? Alicia Keys a mommy??

 What do you think?


Miesha-Janelle said...

Looks preggo to me!

Jada said...

I can't really tell, might just be a bad picture. But if she is congrats

Anonymous said...

people are obsessed with celeb pregnancies, includung me lol; she does look pregnant though :)

kimmydadiva said...

she looks preggo to me, the face looks somewhat more chubbier

A.R. said...

i think she looks pregnant, she always has some tight shit on & now she's wearin' loose tops...suspect.

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