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Bad Bxtch Trina Dishes About Kenyon Martin, Nicki Minaj, The Leaked Photos And Her New Album

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Trina is a self-proclaimed "bad b*tch" and she definitely has her reasons. She's been in the game now for over a decade and is still doing her thing. Her latest album, Amazin, drops today and is the 5th studio album for the southern diva. Honey Magazine spoke with Trina and she dished about a lot of things, including her boo Kenyon Martin, working with Nicki Minaj, the leaked photos, future projects and more.
Honey Magazine: This is your fifth album. Are you excited about the release of the new album Amazin’?
Trina: I’m very excited. I worked really hard on the album. I just wanted to make records that were relative to where my life is right now. It was about just having fun, and being happy, and love. Evolving as a woman. It’s been pretty amazing.

Million Dollar Girl” is a different kind of record for you. How have you evolved from the very first single with Trick Daddy to now?
I’m at a good place. Before when I stared, it was just a new face, a new girl. I did a record with Trick. It was very provocative. It was just getting on the record and talking trash, and then I started knowing more and growing more, learning different things about the business. A lot of times as an artist you don’t get to do what you want to do because the label wants to have so much control. This time I had a lot of control to step outside and do what I want to do.

People always say you and Nicki have beef. What was your response to her last line in “5 Star Chick” when she says ‘Ask Lil Wayne who the five-star bitch is’?
There is no drama. There has no reason to be no drama. I’ve never done anything to her and she’s never done anything to me. Drama comes from conflict of interest. I saw you in the street. You said something I didn’t like. That’s drama. The rest of that is erroneous information. As far as [Nicki Minaj’s] verse — I was on the record first. When I heard [Nicki’s lyrics], that’s how she feels. Wayne is the CEO of the label that she’s on and I guess that is her way of saying let him solidify to people that she’s a five-star chick. I did my verse being totally me who I am, just being me, and talking slick.
How was first meeting Nicki Minaj?
I met her. She’s a fun person. She has a great spirit. We got along, no issues. And we keep it moving. We don’t got to sleep together. This is an industry. We just got to work together. We just got to get money and do our thing.

Kenyon Martin actually talked about getting the lips tatted on his neck on a sports show. How did you get him to do that?
It was just one of those things that just happened. We were just chilling, having a great time and Kenyon was getting tattooed and he wanted my lips. So I basically kissed a piece of paper a bunch of different times and we chose one and it was done. In five minutes it was over. It was great. I couldn’t believe it. I was like are you really about to get that? And before I could get that little smile off my face — you know that blushing thing — it was done. It was all over. I was standing with the cheeks really big, smiling in awe and it was done. I think it was a beautiful thing and I love them.

We love seeing you two together. Where did you meet?
We met three years ago at a foundation fundraiser. It was something for Alonzo Morning. It was just one of those things. We started talking and it just continued from that. He’s a great person.

So back to the lips on the neck. A tattoo is as serious as an engagement ring. So what’s next? Are you two planning to have babies, wedding?
[Laughs] I would love to have a family. I’m just going to say that. If it happens and God blesses me with that, I will be so grateful and so thankful because I love kids. I have nieces and nephews that I adore. I definitely would love to have a family. So we we’ll see.

Recently, explicit photos of you were leaked from your cell phone. What was it like to go through that while being in a relationship with Kenyon?
The good thing was to have someone that is supportive. And be there and understand. Like I just didn’t know if I wanted to come outside. I didn’t know how to feel. It was a down thing for me at first. I’m a very emotional person so at first I was just like “Oh my God, why would somebody do that.” Then I got so much support from people around me. I just, like, refused to let the devil steal away my joy. I continued to lift my head up and move forward.

What actually happened? How did someone get your phone?
The whole situation has been turned over to investigative [detectives]. It’s beyond just soliciting photos. It was actually extorting money. What happened was someone stole my phone from the BET awards, which was back in October. And I just would pray that [the personal photos] would never pop up. This was something that occurred five months later. I was absolutely devastated thinking that was just so horrible for someone to do.

We’ve also heard that you have a reality show in the works. Can you tell us about it?
I’m actually getting ready for a television show. I think it’s really great. It’s really different from music though. I’m just in the beginning stage right now. I can’t wait to get started. I can’t say [which network]. We are not supposed to say because of the clearances and I’m not supposed to blurt it out.

For the entire interview, head over to Honey.

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