Thursday, April 29, 2010

Should 'Basketball Wives' Gloria Govan Even Be On The Damn Show.....

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......because apparantly her man, Matt Barnes, doesn't like it at all. I appreciate the fact that Gloria appears to have morals and has a "positive" outlook on her relationship with her Orlando Magic basketball fiance. But the show obviously focuses on the DRAMA. They should have put her groupie sister on the show. Clearly, Gloria is the most level-headed of the castmates....but she signed on anyway. She surely wouldn't want her "perfect" relationship to be tainted. Matt Barnes is disgusted with the show (although he agreed to be a part of it) and this is what he had to say (via a radio interview):
I wasn’t 100% against it at the beginning. It started back in Phoenix when Shaunie O’Neal approached my fiancee about it and I was really apprehensive about it. Then they kept approaching fiancee Gloria about it back and forth back and forth and I was really against it but my fiancee talked to the producers and felt good about it so I definitely backed her.

But after watching the first show I was just disgusted. I told my team because you know [my teammate] Dwight’s involved in that too that I’m not watching that because I know it’s going to make me mad and I’m going to watch it at the end of the season. I just think that what they say is going to happen and what actually happens is two different things.

Reality TV is kind of a joke. Everything is scripted. There is nothing reality about Reality TV. With that said, I’ll kind of leave it at that but if you want to have me back on at the end of the season when I won’t get fined for what I say, I’ll definitely tell you what I think about that.
  Hmmm! Well its a little too late for that!


Ms. Ebony said...

I think Gloria is a tad bit unrealistic. I'm not saying that her man can't be faithful, BUT it is highly unlikely that he will be. Look at how he reacted during that episode, like he had something to hide.

MrsGrapevine said...

She should not be on the show because she is married, and although the show is called Basketball Wives, none of these women have a genuine marriage. The only person who is married, her husband basically admitted he's still cheating.

The show is really about Basketball pay-stubs.

Anonymous said...

To me she's irrelevant

makeba said...

the show can do without her in my opinion

Chasity said...

I like that she has a level head too, but like you said its about the drama. I think she shouldn't have came on the show

A.R. said...

it's so drama filled and tacky, so i don't think she should have signed on, i still watch it though, it's ghetto bitches at their finest.

Anonymous said...

She shouldn't be on the show because she seems to way above all the drama. SO WHAT if Matt has cheated or may cheat?! If they are able to work through that then thats a good thing for them. Besides if she came out and told everyone that Matt has cheated but she stayed wit him everyone would be talking about how dumb she is so she cant win.

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