Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lil Wayne's Babymama Sarah Wants To Let You Know....

Sarah Vivan (most known to the world as just one of Weezy's babymamas) is now a blogger for one of my favorite sites Global Grind. She decided to let the world get a better insight as to who she is and this is what she had to say via her blog:
"My name is Sarah ViVan.  I am a 22-year-old native of Cincinnati.  As an aspiring fashion stylist currently residing in Atlanta, I have two beautiful children, Essence and Dwayne.  You may know me through my ties to one of the most influential artists of our time.  In 2008, Lil Wayne and I welcomed our precious son into the world.  Dwayne III, AKA "Lil Tune Chi," is a blessing that we both cherish.  Although Wayne is a significant part of my life, up until this point, that is all the public has known of me.  But now I think it’s only fair that I introduce you all to the creative, passionate, intellectual, and playful woman that is Sarah ViVan.  I am so honored and excited to blog for the Global Grind community. I see GG as a culturally forward movement, and the opportunity to express my views through such a mainstream outlet is incredibly humbling."
"Through this blog, I hope to bring my readers, entertainment, as well as, insight on my views dealing with numerous topics from the perspective of a mother, stylist, and young Asian-American woman.  Living in a society where it is increasingly important that we voice our opinions, I would encourage that we do so in a constructive manner.  In other words, don’t count on me bashing anyone. This is a "hater-free" zone. ;-)  I also aim to keep you informed on my upcoming projects.  As a creative individual, I have interest in several areas pertaining to the arts, so look out for me to broaden my focus and not limit myself to just styling.  Keeping all of this in mind, I invite you back every week to tune into my blogs, and hopefully, I can inform, entertain, and inspire my peers."

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Ms. Ebony said...

This is my first time really seeing her, pretty

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