Tuesday, April 6, 2010

HOT OR NOT: Jimmy Choo "Zap" 5-Inch Light Up Shoes ($2,495)

Jimmy Choo is definitely one creative ass soul to come out with these 5-inch heels that light up when you walk. The "Zap" shoe has a light that lasts 100 hours and once the light has died, that's it. It can't be replaced. The shoes retail for $2, 495 and are doing so well, the Jimmy Choo stores in Manhattan are already out of stock. Damn!

Spotted at AllEyesOnWho


**Lady** said...

They're alright. maybe i need to see Rihanna rock em or something before i fall in love with them

Tiffany said...

I kinda like them. $2500 though?

Anonymous said...

too extra

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