Friday, April 23, 2010

#GrenadesThrown Again!!! Rapper Keys' Official Nicki Minaj Rap Diss Video

She REALLY made a video for this?! Got the whole hood and everything. Wow! I aint mad at cha but it's becoming pretty evident Keys just wants the SHINE and tossing out a big name is her means to doing so.

Your thoughts?


NC17 said...

This chick is getting on my last nerve. When does the dissing stop and your real songs come out? Lets face it, youtube diss songs will NEVER lead to a record deal and who would ever buy a CD from a person's who sole claim to infamy is being a hater

Anonymous said...

shes tryna diss nicki but yet she has her hair like hers?
it dont matter nicki makin her money and dont have time for lil children...!

BrookiiBrooke said...

why is she hatin on Nicki yet tryna copy her hairstyle? haha

Anonymous said...

I understand wher you guys are coming from but people are failing to realize that Nicki started off doing youtube videos... and look where she's at now as soon as Keys gets signed [not saying she will] people are going to suddenly be Keys Stans... I rocks with 2 female rappers Trina & Kim

Anonymous said...

Totally agree w/the last anonymous... but on another note why not go all out during the 1st video I don't like Nicki's material nor this whole barbie bs @ ALL but u(Keys) went as far as making another video for this ::confused stare:: every1 has seen the 1st 1 already nobody told u to look like a ragamuffin the 1st go round, she was better off being satified w/the original because it just seems like she's trying too hard w/this bs she has a great delivery but I'm bored now that she's done this over. I honestly would listen to the youtube Nicki b4 this industry made 1 but thats just me... I'll continue to rock to the old Lil Kim, Fox, Remy, Mc Lyte & etc because these lollypop rap delivers r killing the real hiphop

Sidebar: Nicki didn't pioneer no damn bang wrap u f 'ing birds LMMFAO smh

Anonymous said...

She Jus as Lame as Nicki and she needs to sit her ass down....i agree wit NC17 and BrookiiBrooke. Smh when will people realize Beef albums dnt make that much money, She has no floww, i wud neva buy her ablum if she eva gets one, and Nicki shudnt even respond to this broke down chick.....she a waste of time.

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