Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pics From Nicki Minaj's XXL Photoshoot

Nicki Minaj is the XXL cover girl for its May 2010 issue. I see she's on her Marilyn Monroe flow. Here's her photoshoot. Props to XXLmag.

“You know what, I’m a female entertainer,” Nicki clarified, “but I don’t let it offend me when people call me a female MC or female rapper, because I just look at it as a challenge.”

“I’m about to climb over every single barrier and just put females on a different map altogether,” she continued. “So I take it as it comes. Like, I don’t think in five years people will consider me a female rapper—I’ll be, like, an entertainer. But, as of right now, I get it. I started off in the underground hip-hop circuit, so I’m a female rapper right now. But it’s just the beginning.”


Jazmine said...

It's barbie bitchhhhh.

Dr. Flyy said...

That stupid ass wig #stopit5

*Dahlia said...

Hot-ness. Love her.

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