Friday, April 30, 2010

Check Out A Young Trey Songz!

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MTV has a new show premiering this Saturday, May 1st at 11am titled “When I was 17″ which features Trey Songz. In the episode he talks about dropping out of high school in his hometown of Petersburg,VA to attend Barber School. There, he learned about hair care, cutting hair and waxing eyebrows. His services where so in demand that he ended up cutting all of his friends hair for prom.

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Don't worry Trey, you look good as hell now!


osoabc said...

woah, he looks so turnt down, but now he's every woman's dream. so i guess it worked out for him in the end.

Blackbarbiie said...

Omg those braids

Tiffany said...

He was so not cute when he was younger. And waxing eyebrows? lmao

LBoogie said...

Lol at these pics. Thank goodness he grew into his looks

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