Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Must Have: Killture Sunglasses

Over the past few months, I have been noticing a lot of celebs wearing your "not-so-average" pair of sunglasses. A lot of them now have funky accessories and I was wondering if there was any specific brand that made them. I'm sure there are a couple but I came across this brand, Killture, and the glasses are dope. They are a new brand and I was just amazed at the hawtness. You can also order them and have them customized. Follow @killture and @missodessa for more info.

Which pair are your favorite?


Niika said...

i love the gladiator pair

Tasha said...

Gold chain and gladiator = fire.

rayqueenbee said...

Darn it I like all of them, why is that these look kill hot with that hairstyle..lol!!...hehe

Jasmine Ra'chelle said...

i like them all. i feel a diy coming on

China Sunglasses said...

I would be like all, they are all nice and good.

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