Friday, March 19, 2010

Model On ANTM Falls Not Once, But Twice...And Her Scream Was Hilarious!!

 I have to admit, I stopped watching this damn show after like cycle 8. Here it is cycle 14 and I came across this video. The model had to walk down some stairs and then walk across a runway with two big saucers swaying back and forth. Either she was nervous as hell or just doesn't have good coordination, but she fell TWICE.....and her scream during the second fall #priceless.


MzVirgo said...

I was literally in tears when the pendulum smacked her off the stage. Too bad I don't have Tivo, I would have replayed it over and over again LMAO!

Tiamaria ; said...

I knew from the jump someone was going to fall, but I had no idea it would've been her! It was hilarious though!

ofarealy said...

DEADDDDDD!!! That dang runway looked like a Mario Brothers obstacle course though, but GOTDAMN!

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