Monday, March 1, 2010

How Ironic? Trina Spoke About How She Would Feel If Nude Pics Were To Be Leaked Of Her....And That's Exactly What Happened

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 The 'net is buzzin' now over the leaking of Trina's nude photos, taken from a phone she "lost" during the taping of BET's Rip The Runway over the weekend. She spoke with STR8NYC.com (before the pics were leaked) about how she felt if the nude pics in her phone were to be broadcasted for the world to see. Turns out that's exactly what happened because the pics were leaked by an anonymous male (who is making up all kinds of bs). Why would you talk about something like that....and then presto, it happens. Sounds suspect. Stunt perhaps?? Check what she had to say:

To check out the interview and video with all the "leaked" pics....CONTINUE!

(Trina speaks with STR8NYC.com)

(Leaked photos)

It's not that serious in my book, but hey!


rayqueenbee said...

OK ... but what's up with the marks on her skin.

RavynRae said...

I follow her on Twitter && she put on a front..like..the person that leaked the pic is a lowlife for doing so BUT this person invaded her privacy && she has me not feeling sorry for her. idk what to think.

Donielle K. said...

ok...she used to be a stripper so EVERYONE has probably seen her naked...but what's with these bumps and shit on her arm???

DJ Eternity said...

Real Talk Nude Pics Of Celebs Is Nothing New Now Lol Just Like When The Pics Of Rihanna & Cassie Leaked Out It's Like Okay We Saw Them Now Let's Move On...2nd Why & The Hell Would She Take Photos Of A Rash??? Lol

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