Monday, March 29, 2010

Groupie Kat Stacks Puts Young Money, Bow Wow And Nelly On Blast


 In case you don't wanna watch, the recap:
"I'm the one that has the WHOLE internet going nuts. I'm the one who is exposing Young Money. Yes, I have screwed the WHOLE Young Money click. You know why they call them Young Money? Cause they aint got no GROWN ass money. They aint sh*t but broke ass muthaf*ckin niggaz. The only one gettin' money is Wayne. I been fucked Wayne....he gave me $1200."

"I didn't expose Bow Wow cause he was the only one that called me and tried to fix sh*t over the phone.....even though he THREATENED me. That's why I only told one story. He was a complete asshole, but he tried to call me to fix things."

"I was dating Nelly for about 2-3 months. The last encounter I had with him was at the Hit Factory. We got into an argument because he wanted to check my phone. I was drunk off Grey Goose so I cursed him out and of course I got kicked out. Yes, I did have sex with him at the Hit Factory and many other times."

Is this chick serious? Clearly this hoe is lookin' for fame. She supposedly has "a book deal" in the works. What is she Karrine Steffans Jr.?? She has a blog where she talks about more of her sexcapades and encounters with musicians, even Aaron Carter. WTF?

This chick must think this is the ideal come-up. Fans? Bxtch, what fans? I don't get how some women think that sh*t is cute.....to be known as a #basicbxtch that f*cks and sucks for money.

She also claims she's slept with "bigger names" and she will expose them in her book.

Here's some of her "proof" that she actually knows these rappers, via her twitter. Click to enlarge.


Update: Her twitter page allegedly got "hacked" last night.


Anonymous said...

you THINK you got the whole internet going nuts! who the hell are you? lol

Ms. Ebony said...

Hoe sit down.

makeba said...

She is trying to be Karrine.....this chick doesnt realize how stupid and young-minded she sounds. My friend was telling me about her and now i have a face to the name. smh

Tiffany said...

Omg! Is she serious? Lmao at what she said about young money. If they so broke why she fucked all of them?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to being smart and classey..IDK the world has lost their mind, the media has made it to easy for these chicks to get their 15 minutes of fame, Today I'm ashamed to be woman, How can the chick sit here and say she fucked these rappers and then say their broke and they have bunk beds...hello deary you fucked them on the same bunk beds your putting them on blast..and you have kid, please someone call ACS..

rayqueenbee said...

damn, now I took my 30 mins and read her blog, damn she wrote some interesting stuff and had me reading more. Even her life experience of her cutting her wrist... damn I want to read her book, no joke!

Katlynne LaSalle said...

Everybody can't help but slow down when they see a train wreck or car accident, and they can't help but slow down when they see the wrath of a woman scorned. Whew! I'm with raqueenbee, I am compelled to read Kat's book and help her raise Stacks. She will be Stackin' Chips now, not just dicks!! LOL

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