Thursday, March 25, 2010

Am I The Only One In Awe That Lance Gross And Eva Marcille Broke Up?

I know break-ups happen all day, every day. But when you have a couple as beautiful and enviable as Lance and Eva, its like WTF? The two called it quits and this really has me buggin' right now. No, they are not perfect but damn they were definitely a couple I respected and had high hopes for. They were engaged for quite some time and now......splitsville. I know a lot of ladies don't mind ONE BIT!! Lance tweeted some things that definitely CONFIRM it's a wrap.

Being a Hollywood couple nowadays seems like its just a means to an end....eventually.


Tasha said...

I loved them as a couple too but things happen. Guess it wasn't all glitz and glamour

rayqueenbee said...

I was surprised too...wow I had high hopes for them but such is life.

A.R. said...

i'm sad, i really liked them as a couple.

Tiamaria ; said...

At first I didn't believe it, it's sad!

Isis said...

They were one of my fave couples. I wont be surprised if they get back together.

RavynRae said...

It's no benefit to me :-/

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