Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WTF Clip Of The Day: 67-Year Old White Man F*cks Black Man Up

He got knocked the fuck out! Bet you he won't talk shit like that again. Smh at all the blood he lost.

Spotted at TheKillerTruth


Dr. Flyy said...

lol damn.

Ms. Ebony said...

He had that black man SHOOK. lmao

princessvalecia said...

Damn he got that ass tagged! When he was in that old man's face everybody was like whoop that white man ass, but as soon as the OG threw some punches on his ass suddenly folks was screaming the white man was on drugs. Yeah he was on drugs....called "Whoop a punk nigga ass" pill LOL

angelicaa phyliciaa . said...

lmao ! my mom used to drive for AC and my dad still does and only this lkinna shit happens on them damn buses lmao . thats what yu call ignorant , he thought he was bill badass cus that man was old and white and got his ass embarrassed lol , my oh my i miss the bay area :)

good clip :)!

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