Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wanna See What Maia Campbell Looks Like Now?

No one could forget how terrible Maia Campbell looked after a video was posted of her either having a mental episode or high off drugs. She has since been in rehab and appears to be doing much better for herself. Here she is on Melrose Ave. looking much, much better.

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 According to photographer Seven, Maia was “looking good and very happy and upbeat.” There was no sign of her being high, and she was carrying a bag of Miss Jessie’s hair care products. She looked to be fully on the road to recovery with the drug abuse as a thing of the past. Normally, she is unwilling to take pictures, but she was more than cooperative and happy to do so this time around. The photog also says “she smelled good."
Good to see her heading in the right direction!



aoki said...

tht' is so wonderful!

Chasity said...

wow she looks 1000 times better. good to see she picked herself up

Tasha said...

She looks happy.

rayqueenbee said...

How I am so happy to see her all recovered. God is amazing, I pray that she keeps this drug-free self of hers.

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