Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video: Lil Duval Is Hilarious, Clowns Natalie Nunn With Her Sitting Right There "Yo Chin Is Long As Fuck" Lmfao

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Lmfao! "You're a BASIC BITCH!"


rayqueenbee said...

lmao @ your chin curved...lol.. where ur chin strap??.. U a basic bitch... damn!! Lil Duval is cute in some sort of way.

Dr. Flyy said...

Hilarious. I actually watched the whole thing.

princessvalecia said...

that bitch is repulsive.....and duval is callin her ass out!

oso ABC said...

lmao, and she kept laughing and trynna joke like he was playing. or maybe she just really did think he was playing. lmao

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