Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tyrese Speaks On Why Men Cheat: "It’s NOT Considered Cheating…Until You’re Married."

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Tyrese really kills me! If you follow him on twitter, you'll notice that he's always on his philosophical shit. Tweeting about prosperity and all kinds of crap things. He decided to give an outlook as to why men cheat and their thought process. This is what he said:
“When a man decides to cheat on you, he’s not thinking, man… she’s cooking, she’s cleaning for me, she’s rubbing my back, she’s holding me down…A nigga don’t even think about that type of shit man, it’s just like yo… that’s a bad ass woman, with a crazy ass body, she looks sexy as a muthfu$ka, she’s giving me some energy.. I’m ready to smash.

If I have sex, if I do something, and I don’t mean to sound all fucked up about it, but I’m just keepin it real… I’m sayin that there is no emotions and all of that shit attach to it, you have some fun, you get some things out of your system, you put on your grown man hat, you do what you gotta do, and you keep it movin…Sex is beautiful. I love Sex, I love Women.

It’s NOT considered cheating…until you’re married. When you make a commitment under God…everybody else is just single running around humping on each other trying to figure out their lives along the way.

If a man cheats, it’s as easy as him taken off a pair of shoes, there is no emotions, none of that shit attach to it."

He also goes on to say:
“The day that you make your man feel uncomfortable with telling you the truth, is going to be the death of your relationship. You have to make your man feel comfortable with telling you
the truth.

I don’t respect a man that’s in a relationship and have like 5-6 different women that he’s hangin out with and making them all feel like their all number 1…I don’t respect that… Never have, Never will”
Your Opinions?


dustedkitty said...

candid but in a way he makes sense. as long as both parties are okay with an open type of relationship then i guess it's all good. most people don't take dating too seriously anyway, and until both parties agree to keep it exclusive AND committed, he OR she can do whatever.

princessvalecia said...

I guess it makes sense....to an extent doesn't mean I like it though.

rayqueenbee said...

His points are very true, but what about men who stay so long in a relationship, like 5 yrs or more and yet they cheat but they aint letting go of the woman they layin with for the 5 yrs & dnt believe in marriage??

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