Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Such A Good Thing To See Weezy's Baby Mama's Actually Get Along

BFF's Toya Carter, Kandi Burress, Tiny, Rasheeda and Diamond had a "Tweet & Meet" party in their hometown ATL last night, which consisted of karaoke, dancing and all that good sh*t. Comedian Lil Duval hosted the party and Nivea also came through. I really admire how the two are cordial with each other and are actually good friends. A lot of women are so damn stuck on being caddy that a friendship with another babymama would be OUT the question. Kudos to them two for making it work.

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rayqueenbee said...

lol, I like how they aren't hating on each other... Sometimes it isn't the first mother of the child that causes these animosity but the others that think how so badly about the first child... Kudos to Toya!

MrsGrapevine.com said...

Toya in an interview said she loves Nivea, and that's the only person she allowed her daughter to hang around.

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