Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nicki Minaj Lets Us Know Her Celeb Crushes And Guilty Pleasures

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 In a recent sit down with Teen Music, Nicki Minaj spilled the beans about a few things, including her love for big and tall men, her must-haves and more. Check it out!

Celebrity Crushes: I always thought Morris Chestnut was a big hunk of chocolate. I also say Blair Underwood and Boris Kodjoe. I like them big and tall.
Ultimate Guilty Pleasures: I love butter pecan ice cream. I like to eat lemons with salt. I always have a hoarse voice and people told me to eat lemon with honey. I loved the way lemons taste and I started putting salt on it. I’m weird. When I was a little kid I put tomatoes in a bowl and put hot sauce and salt in it. I had to hide it from my mother ‘cause she thought I’d get sick. So tomatoes were my crazy guilty pleasure when I was little. A freezing cold pickle. I like it in the middle of the night. It is so freaking good!
Most Embarrassing Moments: In elementary school we did a play and I was the only moron. I got really emotional at the end on stage and I started crying. They were all laughing at me. So I went back to class and my boyfriend that I was dating for like three days, dumped me. He was like “Cry baby, cry baby. I’m not your boyfriend anymore. You’re a cry baby.” It ruined my whole life. I don’t really get embarrassed anymore though.
Must-Have Fashion Items: Well right now I’m all about leggings. I have to have Fendi shoes. I’m obsessed with them now because they always fit me right. I have small feet so to find shoes that fit me is a good thing. I can’t leave home or go to the airport without my Louis Vuitton luggage.

Yea Nicki, you damn sure love those leggings.


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