Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kelis Brings Her Milkshake...And A Fugly Hairdo

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 Kelis performed at Eva Longoria Nightclub Eve (Feb. 26) in Las Vegas. She rocked a sequined thing-a-magic and sung her new joint "Acapella" a 2010 remix of her hit "Milkshake" as well as two other songs.  Kelis was presented with a giant milkshake cake – complete with a candy straw and a cherry on top – to congratulate her performance and success of her new album. Gotta do what you gotta do for the exposure.
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That hair is utterly atrocious!


A.R. said...

thanks for actually commenting back, you're site is so popular i didn't think you'd acknowledge me, i really appreciate the compliment, ma'am.
and kelis went ape shit, she looks all kinds of crazy, lol.

rayqueenbee said...

lol...her hair is atrocious but take my word, 2 yrs from now you'll see Rihanna copy it and make it popular!..lol

superduperkya said...

lmfao @ atrocious.
she better sit down before i dont like her anymore! lol.
she will forever be gorgeous, but her hairstyles are not okay.

princessvalecia said...

sweet lawd jeezus heavenly father B needs to call her and send her a lace front! ASAP!

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