Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fuckery: First Harajuku Barbie....Now Barbie BOY?!

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I saw this pic on Tumblr and laughed my ass off. This fool has the belt and everything. I guess he calls himself "Barbie Boy"......or is it "Dollface Barbie"? Either way, the fuckery capacity of this pic is at an all-time high.

It's Barbie Boy, Bitch! 


ANGE said...


Tiffany said...

No he didnt!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

l0l wooow!! he's cute #nohetero but com'on barbie boy???? smh somebody told him that was a good idea! l0l


Aspirations Of Being TheBEST . said...

i followed the dude on twitter, & he has a youtube page.
yeahh, when i first seen this picture i was like . . . whaaaa?
but i mean hey, whatever helps him sleep at nite is fine with me.

superduperkya said...

lmfao wowwwweeee.

Anonymous said...

why yall soo worried bout him evidently yall like em to be talking down about him hess a badd bitch so get the FUCKERY off hiss Dick

Anonymous said...

Hmmm this blogger sounds like a hater. Is it because HIS hair looks better than your weave? OR is it because he looks better than you PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

I love dollface barbie . Little do you know, he calls himself barbie boy,because he grow up liking barbies . NOT to be no nicki minaj. I love nicki n iLove dollface.. soo fuck off his shit, because at the end of the day, everybody feens for both of them .

Anonymous said...

Ok well I love Doll face barbie (hey bejean),,,honestly he doesn't even like nicki minaj,,,,,honestly he is a sweet person..watch his you tube or follow his blog and u will love him too.

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