Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dear [Lil Kim]...

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There is no mistakin' that you are truly a boss bitch. You will always be the original Queen Bee...can't nobody take that title from you. But girlfriend, your makeup is atrocious. And those eyebrows. I have never seen eyebrows like that in my damn life. What are you tryin to do? Like, seriously? You look like fuckin Blackula. But kudos to steppin it up (a lil) cause you have had some looks over the years that have truly made me say WTF.

Keepin It Real,
Harlem Missez

Here are some more pics of Kim at Mansion in Miami after the Super Bowl. The celebs were out in full force, including Brandy, Lisa Raye, Chris Brown and Keri Hilson.

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Pics: KiddUNot


Juicy Carter said...

lisa raye wasnt scared that makeup would rub off on her white outfit? wtf that bitch would have to stay 10 feet away from me and my outfit at all times.


rayqueenbee said...

lmao...she has truly stepped it up from "this to that"...lol...the first pic is atrocious.

rayqueenbee said...

Love the new header... Gaga is the new bad bitch!!

superduperkya said...

why in THE fuck is there blush on her forehead though?!?!??! lmfao yuck.

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