Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bobby Valentino....Shame On You.

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Looks like another case of revenge....but this time on Bobby Valentino. Apparantly, one of his ex's or many jumpoffs wanted to expose him for the slut-bucket he really is.  These groupies women really need to stop though. Seriously, you really thought YOU were the only one this short piece of shit was dealing with? She decided to leak some pics and FreddyO got his hands on them. She sent this email with the pics as well:
Ladies it is time for us to wake up and see these men for who they are. This is one of many emails to come! Remember in life you must make choices; love the one you are with and stop thinking people will never find things out… cause your actions always come to the light.
Love M.C.
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So.....are leaking nude pics the norm now?


Anonymous said...

he so fuckin trifling n short as hell. b gone with him n all the men that behave lik him...OH and those dumb bitches stupid too..some ppl just dont care about their self worth smh

Dr. Flyy said...

He's a lame anyway.

princessvalecia said...

WOW with his lame Blackberry Molasses ass! That's what he get! Who lamer and shorter then him??? Sisqo and that's it!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

WOOOOowwwww..this is really sad. What a hoe. And he looks more interested in taking pics than messin with them hoes...ugh...guys.


Cook.ThePoet. said...

Wooow. like really thats a tad much smhh


rayqueenbee said...

he is lame, but really tho naked pics/video seems to b the norm amongst celebs now.

Donielle K. said...

he is tooo cute to be a hoe...and have more hoes to fuck with...its also bad on the jumpoffs part cuz they knew who they were fuckin with. A CELEBRITY! duh..so therefore they exposed themselves as well...smh

Anonymous said...

this is jus a shame on all their parts!!!!!!!!!!

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