Thursday, January 7, 2010

#WTF, Pregnant In The Club...Or Just F*ckin Sloppy?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Whatever the case, you bxtches look nasty!

Pics: MessDressed

Edit: Let me not say BXTCH, don't wanna OFFEND anyone (not that I really care). =]


Anonymous said...

Ya Blog is starting to suck... we cud see all dis on messdressed (exactly where u stole it from) ya skills in graphics are great but u need betta writting skills if you eva wanna be as important as Necole Bitchie or Sandra Rose! step it up sum Shannon 1

Harlem Missez said...

I appreciate your comment, but being like the NEXT person is not my intent. I have perfectly fine writing skills...I just blog about what I want. Can't please everyone. And I dont hide where I get the pics from, you can CLEARLY see it under the post.

oso ABC said...

Fits already tacky as hell, so it really didn't matter. WTF at the anoynmous comment, how can you criticize someone else's blog when (1) you don't even put your own blog url and (2) you can't even spell. WOW!

rayqueenbee said...

lol @ these ladies in the pic...btw what's up with the 1st comment: like seriously 'Anonymous' is so 2008 and get a Webster.

pHylicia said...

wow. sad thing is...i think the answer is they are just sloppy--but then again maybe thats a good thing?!

PS- i LOVE the blog. its very neat & easy to read..not all that extra, unnecessary *ish & if i didn't like..i wouldn't visit..problem solved! lol

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