Saturday, January 23, 2010

Question Of The Day: Would You Take A Cheating Boyfriend/Girlfriend Back?

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Now, before you answer that question truthfully, take into consideration a few things:
  •  The amount of time invested in the relationship
  • Are there kids involved?
  • Could you imagine your life WITHOUT that person?
Many people, especially females, say that if they ever caught their partner cheating -- they asses would be out the damn door and never look back. But the reality is, many actually stay (for a number of different reasons). Some stay because the cheating partner is taking care of them financially or because they've been together for years and years.

Honestly, if you ever caught your partner cheating -- what would you do?


Ashlee P. said...

This question should be black and white but you're right, a lot of people stay in relationships when they've been cheated on. I would have to consider a whole hell of a lot if that happened to me -- but then again, did he?

♥--| kHRiS |--♥ said...

you know, off rip i automatically was like "it would have to be over." but if that EVER happened,[& i pray it wont. but u cant put shit pass ANYBODY]that's some shit that i would really have to think about. im in a relationship that ive put ALOT of time, among other things, into. There IS a kid involved & i really cant imagine life without him. of course that doesnt mean that i wouldnt learn to but thats a whole 'nother topic. LMAO

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Anonymous said...

No. PERIOD. I'm better than that.

rayqueenbee said...

I always say I would leave him, but this has happen to me and I have to say I did stay for so many reasons: my child, my love for that person & time I invested. I thought to myself I wasn't about to give up on all that and things will work out, but at the end of the day after a long time after the situation. I realized that I really don't need someone like that to be with me. Sometimes you'll look at situations and say never me but when it's in ur shoe, it's hard to give but I always prayed on it and things are better for us now, as we are close friends and great parents.

RavynRae said...

I have been there && done that! With my current boyfriend (of 2 years) I may take him back if he was to pull that number. But what we have is stronger than that && I wouldn't believe that he would cheat...

Tasha said...

I've been cheated on in the past and I did take him back. At first I thought helllllll no because he would just do it again. But I did realized I wasnt giving him the support and attention that he needed. That's no reason to cheat but now our relationship is great.

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