Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Layout: How Do You Like It?

As always, I had to switch it up a little bit. I'm thinking about doing a complete transformation for the site, but for now just a few things were changed....the background, the header and some colors. Hope you like it!!

And if you haven't added me on twitter, please do www.twitter.com/harlemmissez. Add your url and I will add you as well.



Tasha said...

I love it as always.

oso ABC said...

I like the thunderbolt background.

Eury said...

Im feeling the Beyonce on the banner, this is cute!

RavynRae said...

I soo ♥ the layout!! I meant to compliment earlier but had to leave the house but I ♥ how you change it up every so often.

I'm following you on Twitter. Hit me up=> http://twitter.com/RavynRae

rayqueenbee said...

Loving the Beyonce banner.

alissy said...

love love your layouts.. wish i could do graphic designs like this.. is verrry fly :) xx

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