Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Misa Hylton-Brim: "Diddy Is Bitter"

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Diddy's first baby mama, stylist Misa Hylton-Brim had to get some things off her chest. She recently spoke on Power 105 to Cherry Martinez and has this to say about Diddy:
Yes, he still is bitter. It’s like can I live. I have love for him and he’s my family and I’m going to always support him and have his back. But, when you can have everything sometimes and you can’t have that one little thing, you are not use to that. That’s so over. I’m not saying he’s actively trying to pursue me but I get a hard time sometimes. It’s like “what’s the problem”? You’d think I’d be the one acting like that. I stay out of your way.
What wasn’t going to happen to me before I went to court, is because I’m not with you or sleeping with you. Kim’s son is not going to get more than my son because of that. That was some bitchassness. Because if you could come and stay here and pop in and out when you wanted to then it wouldn’t be a problem. So you are not going to put me at a disadvantage because we are really broken up and I’ve moved on.

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rayqueenbee said...

lol...but if that be the case, I know the feeling, I can relate. They feel like they control you and your life. Even when you've moved on and your not acting biatch-asses at them they take it that your still into them and they feel like they own u.

Anonymous said...

I Disagree with you! if you read the entire article she states that Sarah and Kim has been in his life for 15 years he cheated on her with both of them which implies that he has serious commitment issues and he doesn't have the ability to let go! i think as a women u shud appreciate Missa for moving on with her life she clearly don't need him other then help raising their son besides Missa is a designer she don't need diddy with his indecisive bullshit.... she got her fuck em dress on let da other 3 dummies (Sarah, Kim, and half cassie) deal wit dat shit!

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