Monday, January 11, 2010

Lloyd Banks Beats Up Concert Promoter, Gets Arrested + Pic Of Victim

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Lloyd Banks apparantly can't keep his hands to himself. He was arrested friday night for beating up a Toronto concert promoter. He wasn't alone either, according to TorontoNews, there were at least 3 other men who took part in the assault:
The four men are now facing, assault, forcible confinement and robbery charges. The group allegedly held and beat Toronto’s Chris Hines on Friday night, after Lloyd walked out on a concert he had been contracted to perform. The men were held by police over the weekend and are expected to make their first appearance in court on Monday.
Here's a picture of the victim.

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Pic of victim courtesy of TorontoNews


Dr. Flyy said...

He lumped him up real good damn.

Tiffany said...

He got knocked the fuck out

Anonymous said...

Nah man I didnt see a thing, I just woke up with these bruises and bleeding. Ass kicking made in u.s.a distributed exclusively by Lloyd Banks

Journey said...

Its never that serious yo. Dont know why celebs still be thuggin. I guess it helps your rep and helps you sell so you dont be soft. but honestly that thug stuff is so over these days. Business men/rappers are in now. but damn...dudes face is messed up!

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