Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Rihanna x Jay-Z "Hope For Haiti Now" Performances

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The "Hope For Haiti Now" telethon that aired on numerous networks last night was a very well planned and touching special dedicated to raising money to help those in Haiti. The performances were wonderful and the amount of celebrity outpour was astounding. Many came to lend a hand and answer the phones, including Tyrese, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Rock. Performances included Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and many more. It was definitely a wonderful thing to see. Check out a few of the performances.

Beyonce sung her song "Halo", but added her own twist to the song.

Mary J. Blige looked amazing and did a wonderful job. There's nothing like the soul she brings to a song.

Rihanna, Jay-Z and Bono teamed up for another great performance. Rihanna did however, get a lot of flack via Twitter for her choice of ensamble.

Donations are still being accepted at https://www.hopeforhaitinow.org
or by calling 1-877-99-HAITI.


dolicia said...

The performances were pretty good. In the beginning Alicia Keys performance was a little rough though lol

Tasha said...

this was very touching. i watched the whole thing when it came on -- my favorite performance was of course rih and jay

Tiffany said...

lol @ the first comment. Alicia did sound a little off but it was a nice program all around

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