Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Former "G's To Gents" Contestant Wanted For Brutal Attack On Daughter

One of the guys from the MTV reality show "From G's to Gents" is wanted by Georgia police for one of the most disgusting crimes imaginable -- the brutal, bone-breaking beating of his infant daughter.

Cops in Cobb County are on the hunt for Markice "Kesan" Moore, who is "accused of breaking both of his infant daughter's arms, one leg, 3 ribs, a collarbone and bruising all over her body."

Kesan -- who is currently on Cobb County's most wanted list -- was eliminated during the fifth episode of "G's" season one.

UPDATE: Cops tell TMZ Kesan has been wanted by authorities since Thursday -- and has told cops over the phone that he would turn himself in.

Obviously, that hasn't happened yet ... and cops believe Kesan is now in hiding.

 Damn, these reality stars seriously need help.

Source: TMZ


Eury said...

You know he only did the show to boost his career. He's def an actor (He was in ATL, remember that dude in the pool with all the dollar bills?) I thought he was only relevant for that, guess he might be a "g"

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Are you serious??? That's just ridic! I had hope for the lil' homie when he was on the show. S M D H !!


Anonymous said...

you know what i really do believe that he did it because to me men dont have as much patient then woman and they cant take the heat so i think that his baby was probably crying and he could'nt shut her up like most men and he went crazy and started to beat her not realizing that he is really hurting her because he was out of it for a minute and when he came to reality he probably couldnt believe what he just did............and thats why he's in denial because he probably couldt believe what he did himself and i know that he is in denial because as i was going to work this morning i heard him on the radio saying that they are lying on him.......

and once a good girl goes BAD; she's gone forever. said...


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