Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chris Brown Upset With Vibe Magazine

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Chris Brown recently let it be known that he was disappointed with the "rebirth" of Vibe Magazine and how he was portrayed with the re-launch that featured him and Drake.
“I think with the whole VIBE and the rebirth, I think it is a rebirth of me and showing people the new side of me, the music side, the talent and just the changed person,” Brown told reporter Renada Romain. “I think with the actual VIBE cover, it was never supposed to be talked about like the cover they made. That wasn’t what we discussed — the shirt is actually just a plain black shirt and they stamped ‘R U Still Down’ on it, so the cover was supposed to be the rebirth cover of VIBE and the rebirth of Chris Brown. It was never supposed to be ‘Everybody Hates Chris, Everybody Loves Drake‘ like, the type of thing like that. I kinda felt a certain way when they did it like that and they kinda told me one thing and they got it in writing, one thing, but then they did it another way…I appreciate any cover, I just don’t appreciate them using my situation…”
If you think about it...it was a cheap shot. Chris' cover "R U Still Down?" is no comparison to Drake's "Unstoppable". But hey Chris, you were surrounded by controversy...and Drake wasn't.

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[Source: HoneyMag]

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rayqueenbee said...

Why can't they just give him peace, gosh. I still got your back boo. I love both these dude!

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